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Potency and Pesticide Testing and Terpene Analysis and more.....

QT Labs Testing ServicesEngineering certified test capabilities

Results in 72 hours

Emailed results for custom labeling

Our test team will provide digital results via email within 72 hours of our pick up of your products. All results will be available in a printable format to easily create your own custom labels.

Pesticide Examination

Capable of testing up to 90% of ALL pesticides

Many marijuana cultivators practice organic farming, others continue to use illegal or banned pesticides on their crops. Our pesticide screening is rooted in a strong conviction that patients deserve contaminant-free medicine. Our pesticide test can detect trace amounts of chemical pesticides in dried flowers and cannabis concentrates. Pesticides are detected using a gas chromatograph Model SRI 8610C.

Potency Testing

THC, CBD, CBN and what they mean

Potency testing informs patients about the concentration of active cannabinoids in their medicine. There are over 70 cannabinoid compounds, many of which possess distinct medicinal benefits. While THC is the most well-known cannabinoid, it is only responsible for a fraction of cannabis’ medicinal benefits. For this reason, we also test for CBD, CBDA, CBN, and THCA. Cannabinoid profiling allows doctors to determine accurate dosage, ensures that providers can verify the quality of their products, and helps patients to select the right treatment for their symptoms.

Why QT Labs?

Our Significant Expertise

QT Labs engineering team is formally trained in the latest Gas Chromatography testing standards and certification methods. We currently potency test for THC, CBD, CNB in addition to pesticides (up to 90% of all pesticides) and terpenes in Medical Marijuana.
Cannabis testing provides consumers with important information about the quality of their medicine. As is the case with all pharmaceutical companies, cannabis providers should be subject to third party certification. Why? The answer is obvious: credibility. With over 40 years of combined test and measurement experience we are positioned to support and give credibility to our partners in southern California.

Calibrated and Certified Testing Standards

Not all tests yield the same results

QT Labs testing methods are consistent with EPA, ELAP, and FDA guidelines. For analytical testing to be reliable, established methods must be used and available for scientific scrutiny. For this reason, we provide detailed accounts of all our testing procedures upon request.

Terpene Analysis

What it means to your patients

Terpenes, or terpenoids, are the compounds in cannabis that give the plant its unique smell. THC and the other cannabinoids have no odor, so marijuana’s compelling fragrance depends on which terpenes predominate. It’s the combination of terpenoids and THC that endows each strain with a specific psychoactive flavor. This allows us to recommend the best meds for a patients specific needs.

Delivery Service

Rated #1 in North County and Surrounding

Our delivery service is rated #1 for professionalism, quality products and best freebies available. No more useless pre-rolls.

MMJ Grow Facilities

California Grow Operations from NoCal to San Diego

Expert growers to ensure the maximum THC levels to aggressively treat your medical needs.

MMJ Testing

Only Tested Products are Carried

We quality check all products BEFORE we send them out for sale as well as randomly test others to positively identify the most accurate THC, CBD, and CBN percentages .

Oils, Concentrates, Extraction and Edibles

QT Oils and Edibles

QT creates and carries oils, extracts and edibles for almost all medical needs. Our huge selection will help with your specific needs every time.